CrossFit WOD Raleigh and Durham 8/7/17

Huge Congrats to Coach Wendy for getting her CorssFit Level 2 Certification this weekend! coach Wendy never ceases to seek out ways to continue to progress and grow both as Coach and a athelete. Her pursuit of excellence is tireless and she brings those around her with her along the way! We are lucky to have have her with us! 

1) Weightlifting 
Squat: Work up to a Max Effort Set @105% of your 5rm
2) Metcon
Every OTHER Minute on the Minute for 10:00 of:

5/4/3/2/1 Ring Row/Dip Complexes (2 Ring Rows+ 2 Strict Ring Dips = 1 Rep)

10 (alternating) walking KB lunges 24/16kg
RX+: Muscle Ups (1mu per ring Row), 32/24kg