11/7/2017 Crossfit WOD Raleigh and Durham 

WEIGHTLIFTING:  SNATCH COMPLEX- 1) Every 2mins for 12mins (7 total sets) 3 snatch hi-pulls, 2 T&G snatches (full) and 1 snatch balance *Begin at 50-60% of 1rm and increase for max complex of the day. All reps should be completed without dropping the bar or pausing at the floor. METCON: 1×400m run @80% (brisk warm-up pace) rest 2:00  1×400m run 90% Rest 2:00 1×400m all out rest 2:00 1×800m 85% rest 2:00 1×800m all out * Stick to exactly rest intervals do not allow yourself to go over rest time